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Woodall’s Campground Management

Over the last few months I have had several clients who were seriously looking for a RV
park to purchase
Buy Cefixime Without Prescription, . I have been impressed with their qualifications. Buy Cefixime from mexico, Each was outgoing and
already engaged in some type of business that allowed them to use their people skills.
Each was financially qualified - meaning they had the necessary money for the down
payment and, in some case, Cefixime brand name, ample reserves to make some improvements on the parks
they were considering. Cefixime without prescription, They were examples of the new breed of buyers I have worked with recently - well
educated, business backgrounds and approaching the purchase of a park in a businesslike
My job as a consultant is to help potential buyers make a business decision about the
financial feasibility for entering this great industry with the purchase of a particular park, Buy Cefixime Without Prescription.
Sometimes, online Cefixime without a prescription, like the most recent client, Cefixime description, it was to determine if either of two different parks
was right for them.
The decision that clients make must not be an emotional one but a cold, calculated, real brand Cefixime online,
unemotional one based on facts and figures. Cefixime interactions, There are two things that I review with each such client:
First, is this area a place where they will be completely happy living for at least the next
few years. If they have school-aged children, Cefixime pictures, have they investigated the school system
those children will attend. Buy Cefixime Without Prescription, Are they satisfied that their children will obtain a good
education in that system. Herbal Cefixime, Second, does the purchase of this park provide them with the income they need. This is
usually where trouble is first encountered, low dose Cefixime.
If you are considering placing your park on the market, Cefixime schedule, you must consider whether a
buyer of your park will be making a financially feasible purchase. You may have been
making a satisfactory wage for your time and investment but you must consider if a new
buyer will also be able to do so. I have found that most park owners do not draw a
paycheck, but consider the total bottom line of net profit as their wage and investment
return, Buy Cefixime Without Prescription. That may work for them, order Cefixime online c.o.d, but a new buyer will face a higher property tax than the
current owner pays. Cefixime duration, Great Deal of Personal and Financial Thought Required for Park Purchase
In pricing your park, assume that you get your asking price and that the new tax
assessment will be based on that. Take out your last property tax bill, cheap Cefixime no rx, calculate the new
tax, Online buying Cefixime, and add that to your current operating expense statement. To calculate if the buyer
will be able to make a living, subtract that amount from your net profit on the statement
you intend to furnish to them, Cefixime pharmacy. Buy Cefixime Without Prescription, Next you should consider the amount of the down payment you are requesting. Your
potential buyer already has that money invested and is earning an interest income from
it. Cefixime results, When the buyer gives you that money as a down payment, he will lose that income.
Therefore, Cefixime online cod, you must estimate what that interest may be. Cefixime street price, Let's say you are asking $500,000 down and the buyer is currently getting only 3%
interest on that money. Multiply $500.000 by 3% to arrive at the amount the buyer is
currently receiving or $15,000 per year, Buy Cefixime Without Prescription. Now, Cefixime no rx, subtract that amount from the amount of
net you are showing after you have subtracted the increase in property tax. Cefixime photos, After doing
this, you must calculate the monthly payments on the second mortgage you are willing to
carry. We will assume that the first mortgage is assumable; therefore, is Cefixime safe, you have been
paying that and the monthly payments are included in your operating P&L statement. Is Cefixime addictive, Let's say that the second is $400,000 and you are willing to carry it at 5% interest for 20
years. Buy Cefixime Without Prescription, That is $2,639.84 per month or $31,678.08 per year. Now we must subtract that
from the net figure you have left after deducting the increased property tax and the loss
of interest income from using that money as a down payment, order Cefixime no prescription. After doing this, Cefixime price, coupon, you now
have the figure the buyer will have as a net. Take an honest look at that figure.
Next, Cefixime canada, mexico, india, estimate the hours you and your family have worked in the park during the past
year, Where can i find Cefixime online, if you don't know the exact amount. Divide that number into the net figure and see
how much they will make per hour if they continue to operate the park as you have, Buy Cefixime Without Prescription. Now
ask yourself, "Is that a livable 21st century wage?"
Put yourself in the potential buyer's shoes, Cefixime coupon. Ask yourself, Cefixime used for, "If I were the buyer, would I be
willing to take on the debt and responsibility of this park if I knew this was what I was
going to make per year?" Sure, you can add to that net amount a realistic value of the
housing and other benefits such as utilities, Cefixime class, car, Cefixime long term, insurance, etc. But don't overestimate
those advantages, no prescription Cefixime online. I have seen listings that indicate those at a $20, Buy no prescription Cefixime online, 000 value when the
actual value should have been considerably less. Buy Cefixime Without Prescription, Most potential buyers are
knowledgeable in these things and will consider an overstatement as an indication that
the value of the park is overstated also.
There are other things that a buyer may need to include in the expenses. These may

Great Deal of Personal and Financial Thought Required for Park Purchase
include interest lost on additional money they will need to invest to upgrade the park, Cefixime samples, and
cost for additional employees, Cefixime recreational, if they don't want to work the hours that you have been
working. However, the above are the minimum that most educated buyers will consider in
evaluating the potential of your park, ordering Cefixime online.
Again, Cefixime images, all of the buyers I have dealt with over the past few months have been
professional people already employed at good paying jobs. The appeal of the lifestyle
was evident in each of them, yet they were not willing to assume the risk of a change
unless they could see a potential for at least a reasonable wage, Buy Cefixime Without Prescription.
In pricing your park it might be a good idea to go through the above calculations to be
sure that your asking price is realistic to a buyer. If not, Cefixime no rx, you may need to consider a
lesser price or be in a position to take the park back at some point in the future. Cefixime price, coupon, I do not
believe that you want that option, because every time it occurs this industry suffers
another black eye.
Although it may shock you, Cefixime for sale, based on my experience, today's serious buyers are looking
at a RV park as an investment, not as a hobby or fun business. They are aware it is work
and are willing to do that, but they also want more than just a change of jobs. They are
seeking opportunities for improvement in their lives, but are unwilling to work at minimum
wage or perhaps even less to achieve it. They appear to be willing to accept some
decrease in pay in exchange for other benefits, but also reluctant to assume added
responsibility for what they consider a retirement of the rich and famous - the current

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