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Buy Trental Without Prescription, Recently, I received a call from a couple who were anticipating the purchase of a park for

which the owner claimed he did not have any business records at all. This should have

brought a great big red stop sign into focus at once; unfortunately, it did not.

The prospective buyers were trying to figure out the value of the property on the basis of

the existing facilities without any business, order Trental online c.o.d. They wondered if I could help them analyze

the value of the roadways, restroom buildings and other elements of the infrastructure. Low dose Trental, Perhaps such things have some value from a purely cost of replacement standpoint. That

value diminishes rapidly, however, if there is no business, Buy Trental Without Prescription. What value are roadways if no

campers drive over them to reach a site. What value are electrical pedestals if no RVs

occupy the sites they serve. What value is a restroom building if no campers are inside it

enjoying hot showers, about Trental. My answer to these questions is a simple “Not much!”

I recently drove through a 285-site park located on 119 acres with restrooms, store, Discount Trental, pool

and a 250,000 gallon water tank. Buy Trental Without Prescription, What would you guess was the value of the park. The

asking price was less that $1,500 per site, Trental street price, and I’ve heard that it sold for even less than

the asking price.

Why. Trental reviews, Very simple. There was very little, if any, camper business, order Trental no prescription. The store was doing

well from the local neighborhood, so at least the buyer knew he would probably make

enough to pay for the property, Buy Trental Without Prescription. If the park never did any business, he had 119 acres of

land, Trental pharmacy, lots of water and a pool to enjoy.

Information for all buyers

The point is this. Accurate, honest, buy Trental from canada, authentic records of income from every source, the

day by day occupancy and detailed expenses should always be kept. Trental trusted pharmacy reviews, If an owner is

serious about selling, this information should be made available to any prospective

buyer. Buy Trental Without Prescription, If such information is not available, any prospective buyer should be extremely


We live in an age when the practice of the Golden Rule is often laughed at in the

business world. Pulling the wool over an uninformed, Trental price, coupon, trusting buyer seems to be

accepted. Operating upon the “I am all that is important” philosophy seems to be the

norm. Trental gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, While we must all watch out for our own interests, this must be coupled with a

sense of awareness that “we are also our brother’s keeper.”

If you could hear some of the stories I hear. If you could see the frustration on the faces

and hear the fear in the voices I have heard when individuals who have been that

uninformed, trusting buyer come to me, Buy Trental Without Prescription. Those buyers stir anger in me - not at them but

at the sharpie seller who knew very well that he had outfoxed them.

The buyers invested their life savings and assets in what they hoped would be a pleasant

and enjoyable experience of owning their own business and being their own bosses, after Trental.

They had pictured a future with a new, less stressful lifestyle. Where can i buy Trental online, Now those dreams were

shattered. Buy Trental Without Prescription, They were barely eking out a living. The taxes were due; the mortgage was

overdue; and their dreams had turned into a gigantic nightmare.

There wasn’t less stress; there was more. It seemed worse than any other stress

because it was financial stress, Trental natural. Was there any way to keep from losing everything. Was

there any way to avoid a dreadful bankruptcy, Buy Trental Without Prescription.

You might ask: “Aren’t you being overly dramatic?” No, Trental without prescription, I don’t think so. I believe it

illustrates my points well. Every seller has wrestled with the problem of how to price his

park once he decided to sell it. Over and over, effects of Trental. Buy Trental Without Prescription, Would be buyers ask: “How do I know if

the price being asked is in line with what I should pay?”

There are several theories regarding that issue. Often the price is set by multiplying the

park’s gross by a certain factor or number ranging up to a high of 4 or 5. Others suggest

a price determined by a dollar factor for camper nights. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Others simply look around for comparable properties recently sold or on the market.

Finding such a property is almost impossible because no two parks are exactly alike.

There are just too many variables to develop a comparison, Buy Trental Without Prescription.

Perhaps others just pull some number out of the sky or figure what they feel they need to


Is there another method that ought to be considered if a park is to be priced reasonably

or justifiably, Trental use. I believe so, and it’s fairly simple. Trental treatment, Another method

For example, let’s say that park A has an asking price of four times its gross of $250,000

or $1 million. Buy Trental Without Prescription, It has 80 sites and runs at 50% occupancy year round. The average daily rate is $18, Trental coupon,

but, with weekly, Trental online cod, monthly and other discounts, the average site rental is $13.70. Income

from site rentals, then, buy Trental online no prescription, is $200,020. Purchase Trental online no prescription, The store grosses $40,000 and the laundry $10,000.

The park is open 365 days a year from 8:00 a.m, Trental pictures. to 10:00 p.m, Buy Trental Without Prescription. The owners work five

days a week, 10 hours each day. Australia, uk, us, usa, The owners have been taking $500 per week draw in

addition to the other labor cost. Note, this $500 per week might sound okay if housing is

supplied, but it amounts to only $5 per hour for the hours worked - hardly a livable wage, order Trental online c.o.d.

Total expenses for the park including payroll, taxes and cost of goods sold amount to

$146, Trental price, coupon, 573. Buy Trental Without Prescription, This leaves an operating profit of $103,427. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it.

But, Trental without a prescription, wait, there are a couple of more things to consider. Cheap Trental no rx, Let’s look at them.

The owner is asking $200,000 down, and there is an existing first mortgage on the

property of $450, buy Trental from canada,000 at 10% running 20 years. The payments on this run

$4,342.73 per month or $52,112.70 annually, Buy Trental Without Prescription. This leaves $51, Trental over the counter, 314.30 operating profit.

The current owner (the seller) is willing to carry back a second mortgage in the amount of

$350,000 at 8% interest amortized over 20 years. The payments on this second

mortgage are going to be $2, buy Trental without prescription,927.58 monthly or $35,130.90 annually. Comprar en línea Trental, comprar Trental baratos, The operating profit now is $16,982, and we still are not done. Buy Trental Without Prescription, There’s a 15% selfemployment

tax due to the IRS on the $26,000 draw, and the $3,900 IRS bill shrinks the

operating profit to $13,082.

Since the down payment is $200, where to buy Trental,000, the capitalization rate or return on investment

would be 6.5%. No prescription Trental online, Let us look at this situation in another way. We have two people working 50 hours a

week for $5.00 - hardly a realistic 20th century wage, right. So, is Trental safe, let’s add the wages

($26,000) to our operating profit ($13, Buy Trental online cod, 082) and see what our wages per hour and ROI

really are. If we divide $39,082 by the 5,200 hours our couple has worked, we see that

they have made a whopping $7.52 per hour with no return on their $200,000 down

payment, Buy Trental Without Prescription.

In this situation, there are only three things the current owners can do if they are to

present a viable park to potential buyers.

1) Raise prices and average site rental to $18 per night while holding costs steady, Trental maximum dosage.

2) Raise the annual occupancy average to 65%.

3) Lower the asking price for the park. Buy Trental Without Prescription, Reducing the asking price to $800,000 with all other amounts being the same as in the

preceding scenario, except amortizing the second mortgage of $130,000 over 15 years,

leaves an actual operating profit of nearly $31,000. Order Trental online overnight delivery no prescription, This is still a close call for the buyers.

If, we were to raise their wages to a. reasonable level of even $10 per hour, we still

basically have no return on the $200,000 down payment investment.

The only logical way

To me, the only logical way to determine the proper selling price or, for that matter, the

asking price of any park anywhere is simple. If a buyer cannot make a livable wage, a

decent return on his down payment investment and pay the expenses and payments on

a park, both the buyer and seller are headed for disaster, Buy Trental Without Prescription.

Without an owner’s furnishing prospective buyers with complete and accurate information

relative to a park’s profit history, the prospects will be incapable of making accurate

projections for their own operation of the facility.

Undoubtedly, prospective buyers will envision improvements and changes that they want

to make in the operation and amenities of the park. Unless they have good records of the

park’s history, they won’t be able to do that.

Easy to over-simplify

Even with such records, doing so is a difficult task for those entering the industry. Buy Trental Without Prescription, Improving the park and increasing the occupancy and income seems simple to buyers

who are blinded by their own emotions and the anticipated fulfillment of their dream.

Just as overly enthusiastic individuals planning the building of their own parks have a

tendency to overestimate the simplicity of building a successful and profitable clientele,

so do new buyers often view a purchase.

Prospective buyers should be extremely careful about estimating the cost of anticipated

upgrades and changes to a park. The same cautions needed in estimating the time

required to increase occupancy and revenues.

Other factors to consider

There are other factors a prospective buyer must consider:

1) Often the design and utility hookups are outdated. RVs being marketed today require

more space to handle their slideouts and more power at the electrical pedestal, Buy Trental Without Prescription. The

demand for telephone connections at the pedestal is constantly increasing.

Accommodating today’s RVs might require an almost total revamping of the sites and

utilities. Efforts to turn two sites into one will drastically reduce park revenue and

operating profits unless there is land for expansion available. Either approach will be

costly. Buy Trental Without Prescription, 2) Deferred maintenance is also a significant problem in some parks where the profit

margin has been slim. Astute owners who are serious about selling their parks should

make every effort to eliminate any such condition prior to listing the park for sale.

3) Deposits might be required. One new owner recently told me that he and his partner

were totally surprised by the nearly $10,000 in utility security deposits they were required

to post since they did not have a history with the utility companies in that area.

The fair market price has always been defined in the real estate industry as the price on

which a willing seller and a willing buyer agree.

Should we say that an honest, fair market price is that which the seller has arrived at

after examining his own complete, accurate, detailed records regarding the financial

affairs of the business and determining that a new owner can make a livable wage and a

reasonable return on his investment under a proposed purchase agreement. At that

point, he shares those records with the prospective buyer who feels comfortable with

them and is willing to consider the purchase price.

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